Are these dice balanced?

Our unique designs are quite eye catching for the whole table! This added attention towards the dice and their makeup have garnered a lot of questions on if they are balanced and fair to use at the table.
Almost all of our inserts are either composed of the same material as the dice, or are very similar in weight to the amount of the material they are displacing.

All of our dice designs pass chi-square balance testing. All roll results are within 2 standard deviations of each other. 
In short, we DO NOT sell dice designs that do not pass a chi-squared balance test. So yes, all of our dice are statistically fair and balanced.
With that being said, people have different preferences and tolerances for this, so ultimately we recommend people get the dice that makes them the happiest! 😊
We will always strive to provide the best dice in form AND function. 
If our dice do not meet your expectations or requirements, please contact us at