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The Eldritch Press creates content for the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. Professional, creative, play-tested products embedded with unique, atmospheric artwork, available in PDF, Print, and Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop. Wenses is an influencer whose mission is to spread knowledge, positivity, and inclusivity through D&D and other Tabletop games. Their content is mainly D&D focused, ranging from skits, tips & tricks, and homebrewed stuff for the community to use! Wenses' goal is to inspire others to try D&D and take the dive in to role-playing games! Wenses loves making content and making people smile in the process!

Tarvel is an influencer and armor smith / jewelry smith. They take commissions for custom blacksmith work, and make entertaining & funny content while doing it! Tarvel is also a knight and cosplayer, and shares the adventures that occur while engaging in that job and hobby!